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100 Locations in Austin to Receive Free Google Fiber 

In Austin, Texas 100 community organizations are set to receive free Google Fiber internet connections for an entire decade.

The list was selected and approved by Austin’s city council as well as Google itself, and includes libraries, small colleges, schools, and dozens of social programs such as the Girl Scouts. These locations, along with select others, are expected to benefit from fully functioning Google Fiber internet connections by mid-2014.

Although it is still unclear when Google will launch Fiber subscriptions for private purchase, Austin is well on its way to faster internet connections all around. In recent years, Austin has become known as something over a telecommunication and development hub, and the internet service available from Google certainly seems to be able to seal that reputation. Kansas City, which was the first city to receive a Fiber connection has since benefitted from an influx of startup business and innovations within the city’s business environment.

The Austin Film Society is just one of the 100 locations set to benefit from the free Fiber scheme in Austin, executive director Rebecca Campbell reported that the group was overjoyed with the news. “Google Fiber will be faster, quicker, better, stronger for the film makers”, Campbell said to a media outlet, and other organizations are sure to reap similar benefits from the generous scheme.

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