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Is Your Internet Faster than The National Average?

June 26th, 2016 (2)
As the technology gets more and more advanced, many of us find ourselves constantly struggling to keep up with the latest system requirements and necessary hardware. This includes having a fast enough internet connection to be able to browse ...

Over 300,000 Wi-Fi Routers Hijacked by Hackers

June 17th, 2016 (0)
Another attack by hackers has put more than 300,000 routers at risk, compromising Wi-Fi security for home and small-office networks by making malicious changes to the affected devices. Researchers have only recently uncovered new malware responsible for affecting changes ...

Protect Yourself on Public Wi-Fi

June 9th, 2016 (0)
Free Wi-Fi has become a fixture in many public places including malls, coffee shops, and airport lounges- but how safe is that network you log on to when you’re sipping your latte? If you want to keep your data ...

What is Packet Loss?

June 4th, 2016 (13)
In terms of general computing, packet loss occurs when a packet (bundled data) which is travelling across a computer network fails to reach its intended destination. Packet errors are some of the most fundamental and common types of errors ...