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Akamai: 38% of malicious traffic comes from Indonesia 

According to the latest Akamai report, the statistics for overall malicious internet traffic have changed significantly from Q1 of 2013 to Q2. Thankfully global DDoS attacks have decreased significantly, if the new statistics are anything to go by. Another interesting shift is the source of the majority of the world’s malicious internet traffic – whereas once China led that category, it has dropped to 33% in second place, with Indonesia now leading at 38%. The US is in third place with 6.9%, down from 8.3% in Q1.

Overall the top 10 countries/regions in the category generated 89% of observed attack traffic, up from 82%. It is worth noting – as Akamai does – that this doesn’t necessarily mean the source of the attack traffic is in the country it is registered in, more than the hacker in question making the most of that country’s compromised systems.

Click here to read the full Akamai Q2 2013 report. 

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