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All EU Homes Now Have Broadband Access 

As of this week, every citizen living in the European Union now has the ability to access broadband internet at home thanks to satellite connections.

The announcement comes after recently launched satellite connections were able to access the 0.6% of European homes which were previously too remote to be reached by wired connections or mobile networks. This means that all of the 502million people currently living within the borders of the European Union now have to option to access broadband internet from their homes.

Before the satellite internet connections were launched, traditional DSL, cable and fiber-optics lines were available to 96.1% of the European population, whilst mobile networks reached 99.4% of homes. Basic satellite internet is now available for around $13 a month, with service provided by 148 satellites.

The development comes as part of an initiative to provide internet connections around Europe, and has been completed well before the project’s end of year deadline. Further goals by the European Commission to improve internet connectivity are download speeds of at least 30Mbps for all citizens by 2020, and to bring those rates up to at least 100Mbps in half of all homes.