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American Mobile Network Speeds Dwarfed by Competitors across the Globe 

A new study of 16 countries around the world has placed the US almost at the very bottom of the list in terms of average download speeds across mobile networks. On the list of surveyed countries, America finished in 15th place behind countries like Mexico, Japan, Canada and Russia. The only country with slower mobile internet than the US was the Philippines.

At a relatively slow 6.5 Mbps, American mobile data speeds on average reached far below the chart-topping 24.5 Mbps enjoyed by Australians. Despite the fact that coverage reaches all across the United States and several large providers are all vying in competition with one another, US mobile internet fails to stand up to the standards of many other countries around the world. Just south of the border, Mexican mobile data users enjoy an average speed of 12.9 Mbps, whilst up north, Canadian can boast of 19.3 Mbps on average.

The survey was completed by OpenSignal, an app designed to track mobile network coverage and internet speeds on smartphones. Their findings come from data polled from 6 million users, all of whom operate on 4G network connections.

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