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Are You Getting the Internet Speeds You Paid For? Test it Now! 

Recent data from streaming site Netflix found that, on average, US users were able to load videos at a very unimpressive 1.85 Mbps. With so many people paying through the nose for faster internet speeds and data bundle upgrades, why aren’t our connections living up to the test?

Of course Netflix only accounts for a certain percentage of our daily internet connection traffic, but the streaming site (and other similar services) is one of the main reasons many of us choose to invest in better connections. One survey even estimated that during its peak usage times, Netflix videos may make up as much as 33% of US web traffic. With figures like that, you would expect that internet speeds when accessing the site would be slightly higher than the average recorded by Netflix.

The best way to tell whether you are getting the internet connection speeds you paid for is to simply test your connection every now and again. Running a quick internet speed test from time to time might give you an idea about how honest your internet service provider is being with you.

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