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AT&T Pushes to Expand Broadband to 57 Million Locations 

Ambitious telecommunications company AT&T has announced that it hopes to expand its U-verse broadband network up to 57 million locations by 2015. Considering the network now hosts 10 million customers on U-verse’s high speed internet service, the expansion (if successful) will be an impressive one indeed.

On Friday, the internet service provider announced that subscribers to its high-speed connection U-Verse now made up 60% of the company’s broadband customers, up from 43% this time last year. Part of the growing success of this network is attributed to AT&T’s on-going plans to solidify its Long Term Evolution wireless network. Over 2.5 million internet users have been added to AT&T’s network since this initiative was announced a year ago.

Along with its expansion plans, AT&T has also announced that internet connection speeds will be on the rise for their U-verse customers. New speeds will see 45 Mbps downstream internet speeds being offered in 79 markets, with future network expansions set to include 75 Mbps and 100 Mbps speeds at introductory prices.

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