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Beyond the Four Walls Builds Internet Cafes in Nepal 

In the landlocked Himalayan country of Nepal, it is estimated that only 1 in every 10 people has access to the internet; entrepreneur and filmmaker Stefan Wolf has founded Beyond the Four Walls to help bring Nepal into the connected age.

The scope of Beyond the Four Walls is not simply to provide internet access and an opportunity to connect and communicate with the rest of the world, but also to help disadvantaged women living in impoverished area. The internet cafes opened by Beyond the Four Walls will operate in remote locations, providing connections where there would otherwise be none, and providing jobs for women in the area.

The project will also collect donations by selling t-shirts, with all proceeds going towards furthering the education of the girls living in Nepal. Wolf has stated that he hopes access to the internet will not only provide work for disadvantaged women, but open up opportunities for digital outsourcing, education, communication and even micro financing. Wolf said he hoped not just to make people aware of the issue, but give these young women a platform of their own, “I want to bring out the voices of these girls and connect them with the world.”

To get the first internet cafes going, Beyond the Four Walls has received a grant from the Motorola Mobility Foundation, as well as grants from Speck Products and American Apparel.

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