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BT Testing 1.4 Terabit Internet Connections 

While American consumers are currently debating whether internet Google Fiber’s 1 gigabit internet connections are really necessary, things are getting interesting across the pond. In the UK, telecoms giant BT is currently experimenting with a jaw-dropping 1.4 terabit internet connection.

It can be difficult to wrap your head around the concept of a terabit internet connection when 1 gigabit still seems like a brand new concept to most people today, but let us assure you: it is incredibly fast. With BT’s mega-fast connection, you could theoretically download the entire British library in 15 seconds, or over 40 HD movies in under a second. That’s a far cry from the seemingly endless stream of slow YouTube videos most of us have to endure these days.

The speeds being tested by BT are a full 800,000 times faster than the average UK internet connection, but unfortunately there are no plans to offer a 1.4 terabit bundle yet.  While it may be years before consumers can order (or actually need) internet connections that fast, the tests may help to bolster existing broadband infrastructure.

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