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Did You Know: World’s Fastest Internet Connection Belongs to Old Swedish Lady

Wouldn’t you love a faster internet connection? Do you think 40 Gigabits might just about cover all your browsing and video calling needs? If the idea makes your head spin, you may never have heard of Sigbritt Löthberg, whose blisteringly fast internet connection earned her fame in Sweden for having the fastest internet in the Full Article

Verizon Offers Cheaper 250MB Share Everything Plan

For users who are new to mobile data, Verizon’s Share Everything plan is now more affordable than ever; at $60 for 250MB, the bundle is a great starting point ...Full Article

Britain’s BT Shuts Down Dial Up Connection

Customers subscribing to dial-up internet have dropped so low in the UK that Britain’s biggest internet service provider has officially shut the service down. Multinational telecommunications service provider BT ...Full Article

iPhone 5S Users Are the Most Data-Hungry

According to a recent report by JDSU, iPhone 5S owners are the most data-hungry of all smartphone users, devouring as much as 7 times more data that those with ...Full Article

Chinese company Huawei to launch 5G

Despite only having just launched its 4G network, Chinese company Huawei is already working on the next generation of connectivity. Huawei is helping to develop global standards for 5G ...Full Article

US government plans for an “internet kill switch” revealed

A recent court ruling has ordered the US Department of Homeland Security to make its plans for an “internet kill switch” available to the public. The plan, orchestrated under ...Full Article

Mobile Broadband Is Fastest Growing Technology in History

According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), mobile broadband has become the “fastest growing technology in human history”, and is quickly surpassing fixed broadband internet in terms of growth. ...Full Article

How do you Measure Up to the Fastest Internet Connection in the World?

In a survey of 177 countries, it was revealed that the global average peak internet speed is 18.4 Mbps, which is in fact a massive 36% increase from last ...Full Article

AT&T looking to challenge Google

Thanks to Google Fiber’s sudden rise and spread throughout the US, other broadband providers are starting to get “gigabit fever” and have their sights set on offering faster internet ...Full Article

Why Your Computer Is Not Working At Its Best

Many people often complain about the poor performance of their personal computers. There are several hardware and software issues that can influence the performance of any computer. The fans ...Full Article