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EU accuses three telecom companies of intentionally limiting internet speed

Three European telecom companies may be guilty of intentionally slowing down their internet speeds to the detriment of their competition. European Union antitrust regulators are investigating German-based Deutsche Telekom, French-based Orange SA, and Spanish-based Telefonica SA, who lease their networks to other providers due to the large shares they each have. Competition Commissioner Joaquain Almunia Full Article

German court bars Deutsche Telekom from throttling internet speed

Deutsche Telekom has recently come under fire for attempting to introduce caps to users’ internet speed. The Cologne Regional Court banned Deutsche from enforcing a limit on users exceeding ...Full Article

How to improve your Internet experience by disabling browser extensions

Useful though they may be, a bevy of browser extensions can actually have a detrimental effect on your browsing. Aside from the extensions you choose to download yourself, your ...Full Article

30% of Americans Do Not Have Broadband Access at Home

The Pew Research Center has recently released the results of a survey conducted as part of their Internet & American Life Project. According to these findings, over half of ...Full Article

UK mobile network allows customers to use data roaming in the States for free

UK-based mobile network Three has thrown down the gauntlet after announcing that customers will no longer have to pay data charges while in the US. Although carriers across Europe ...Full Article

Is Your Internet Faster than The National Average?

As the technology gets more and more advanced, many of us find ourselves constantly struggling to keep up with the latest system requirements and necessary hardware. This includes having ...Full Article

Mobile Web Use Doubles in 4 Years

Once upon a time you had to find an actual computer if you wanted to check your email, search the internet, or update your social media accounts, but for ...Full Article

Did You Know: World’s Fastest Internet Connection Belongs to Old Swedish Lady

Wouldn’t you love a faster internet connection? Do you think 40 Gigabits might just about cover all your browsing and video calling needs? If the idea makes your head ...Full Article

Verizon Offers Cheaper 250MB Share Everything Plan

For users who are new to mobile data, Verizon’s Share Everything plan is now more affordable than ever; at $60 for 250MB, the bundle is a great starting point ...Full Article

Britain’s BT Shuts Down Dial Up Connection

Customers subscribing to dial-up internet have dropped so low in the UK that Britain’s biggest internet service provider has officially shut the service down. Multinational telecommunications service provider BT ...Full Article