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Windows Optimization

How to increase PC Speed with Defragmentation

Defragging is a utility program that is run through the system in order to better its performance speed and the end performance of the system. Defragging the computer should be done as a routine in order to enhance the performance of the system as a whole. The occurrence of errors within the system may cause Full Article

Getting Rid Of Unused Files (Disk Clean Up)

Does your PC regularly act sluggish and take a lot of time to open up the folders in the system? This can be due to a number of reasons. ...Full Article

Tweaks to Speed Up Vista and Internet Connection

Windows Vista is a pretty resource-hungry operating system, and if you have a PC with moderate amount of resources, you would definitely want to optimize the memory usage as ...Full Article

Stop Windows 7 Thumbnail Animation Preview

Windows 7 has brought a truckload of graphical enhancements with it, which are sure to test the capabilities of your video card. One of the most notable features is ...Full Article

Password protect Internet Explorer 8

Is your home PC used by a number of people in your family, especially kids? Then it might make sense to password protect internet access with a password. It ...Full Article

Speed up Windows 7 with ReadyBoost

Did you ever use the ReadyBoost feature on Windows Vista? Remember how your otherwise sluggish rig with 512 MB RAM suddenly handled Vista a lot better, as soon as ...Full Article

Tweak CPU Speed by Process Scheduling

Does your PC run in a snail-like pace even when you seem to have just a couple of applications running? Then you should take a long, hard look at ...Full Article

Tips to Speed up Windows 7 for Free

Windows 7 is pretty scalable as an operating system (OS), meaning that it can be made to consume significantly less system resources than it usually does, making it run ...Full Article