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Facebook giving free Wi-Fi in exchange for check-ins 

A new partnership between Facebook and Cisco means that Wi-Fi in the restaurants or shops you visit could become more widely available – after you check-in your location to Facebook, that is. In a bid to attract more merchants to make use of Pages, Facebook is giving patrons the opportunity to make the most of the location check-in feature in order to get free Wi-Fi out of it. Whilst Facebook itself will not profit directly from their partnership, it hopes that the initiative will get merchants involved in the program to buy more adverts, thereby boosting the social network giant’s presence in the local search category.

A test run of the service showed that 25 participating merchants in the San Francisco Bay Area saw a minimum of three times their daily average check in. With the service set to roll out in the coming weeks, we have no doubt that Facebook addicts are going to be checking in all over the place.

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