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Fon’s Crowdsourced Wi-Fi Network Picks up $14 Million Investment 

Crowdsourced Wi-Fi networks can be a great way to stay connected when you’re out and about in a busy area; on a network like Fon, users share their Wi-Fi access with one another to create one large, accessible hub of connectivity. With another $14 million in funding behind it, Fon is looking to tackle connectivity in new areas around America.

The Madrid-based Fon now has an impressive network of 12 million accessible hotspots around the world, and this new investment by Qualcomm ventures should ensure that that figure only grows in the coming months. In order to make itself more accessible and increase its presence, Fon will also be entering into a partnership with social media titan Facebook. Aside from providing better integration, Fon users will now be able to provide their Facebook friends with internet connections when they are together.

In addition to teaming up with Facebook, it is also understood that Fon is looking to further spread its service by partnering with carriers within the US. In the UK, Fon already has a strong relationship with BT, which provides BT subscribers with access to Fon’s Wi-Fi hotspots whenever they wish.

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