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Google launches “Helping women get online” campaign in India 

With the focus on “internet for all” that seems to be spread throughout the technological world at the moment, Google has launched a new website aimed at India – specifically, the female population. With just one-third of India’s 200 million-plus Internet users being female, the “Helping Women Get Online” aims to get all 50 million of India’s women online, somehow. The website, whose slogan is “Internet made simple”, provides useful information such as computer and Internet basics, as well as housekeeping and parenting tips; and even a section of videos dedicated to highlighting the benefits of the internet to women.

“[Access to the] Internet can help women achieve self-esteem, express their views freely, open up new opportunities and help them to gain education.” said Rajan Anandan, managing director of Google India. “Our new campaign aims to bring 50 million online in the next one year so that they can reap the benefits too.”

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