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Increase your storage space by way of Wi-Fi 

Portable hard drives are a great idea. They give the extra space you need without you being forced to clutter your internal hard drive. They also make for a great backup tool. The only problem with your average portable drive, in fact, is that they’re wired. Plugging in an external hard drive isn’t what you might call physically taxing, but it just seems easier to go wireless.

There are a bunch of wireless hard drives on the market these days, some with space capabilities of 1TB or more. As long as these drives are placed anywhere a Wi-Fi signal can reach, they can be tucked away in a corner or inside a cabinet. Wi-Fi drives also solve the mobile problem, as even tablets and smartphones can access them without relying on an intermediary. Whilst we suspect wired external hard drives will be around for a while yet, Wi-Fi drives might take the reins given the computer world’s overall move into a world where cloud networking rules.

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