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Internet Ad Sales Reach $10.7 Billion 

During the last quarter of 2013, advertisers spent a whopping total of $10.69 billion on internet-based marketing and advertising. This impressive spending breaks the all-time record for advertising expenditure, which previously sat at $10.26 billion as of last year.

These impressive figures were reported and recorded by the Interactive Advertising Bureau, who released their findings on Monday. The trade group has been tracking a 15% growth in internet advertising dollars as of the third quarter of 2013. The company has been tracking online advertising revenues since 1999, when expenditure was less than $1 billion in a year.

In a press release, CEO of the Interactive Advertising Bureau, Randall Rothenberg said that the ever-growing figures, which have been steadily climbing for years, reflect the trust that marketers have placed in internet advertising.

“It is indicative of the digital age in which we live, and within which advertisers need to effectively reach targeted audiences wherever they are consuming information or entertainment- often on several screens at once.”

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