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Internet Connection Speed 

Internet connection speed refers to the rate at which the amount of received and transmitted data by a specific user or computer spreads across the internet. This is all the inbound and outbound traffic in a computer. Bandwidth is commonly referred to as network bandwidth or digital bandwidth in computer science and networking and it is measured in bit/s. The more there is exchange of data in the networks the higher the energy that is taken up by a particular computer or user.

This means there may be numerous data exchange going to and from the computer that it may not be able to handle all of them. This will then result in the computer becoming very slow. The best way to make the computer and the bandwidth not to drag or clog the network is to have bandwidth usage caps that regulate the users from receiving and transmitting a lot of data. When this is done, the internet connection speed will cease to be slow and other users will not be impaired in their usage of the internet.

Internet service providers or ISPs can be able to track the bandwidth usage by checking how much data is passing through a specific connection or by recognizing the operation of specific machines. There are other software as well that can be able to monitor the internet bandwidth usage to allow the user to minimize and let the machine function at a faster rate.

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8 Responses to Internet Connection Speed

  1. Freya

    I tested my broadband internet connection speed, my results are:

    1017 kbps when downloading
    404 kbps when uploading

  2. Anmol

    i tested my broadband connection speed my result are

    downloading speed 0.7 mbps
    uploading speed 0.19 mbps

  3. Subham

    I tested my bsnl and mts wireless connections, results are:

    download 3.1mbps
    upload .18mbps

    download .34mbps
    upload .15mbps

  4. Aaron

    I tested my internet speeds. I’m not a big computer guy so if someone could tell me if these numbers are good I’d be appreciative.

    Ping: 108
    Download: 1.13 mbps
    Upload: 2.32 mbps.

    This is a connection that is “high-speed” at a university, though it doesn’t feel very fast like it should.

  5. Shankar

    Even i tested my internet speed…

    Tata Photon+

    First time

    Download :0.09mbps
    upload :0.10mbps

    Second time

    Upload: 0.08mbps

    What a speed…. Why I am wasting my money in recharge every month with unlimited plan… Thinking of shifting to any other operator.

  6. Pablo

    Download 7.90 mbps
    Upload 0.22 mbps

  7. William

    I smell shenanigans. After running this internet speed test, it showed my downstream at 3.09 mb/s and my upstream at 10.9 mb/s, with a ping of 95 ms.

    Would be great if you could specify what server you’re using

  8. rocks2010

    Nice info.. but i dont know how to test my internet speed.please help me.which is get my result of internet speed test

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