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Internet Service Providers Attempt to Limit Public Broadband Networks 

Not content with the poor state of broadband internet connections around the country, a number of localities have banded together to provide their own internet services independent of large telecommunications companies. Unsurprisingly, huge Internet Service Providers are unhappy with the idea of potential customers striking out on their own, prompting a number of attempts to legally limit small public broadband companies.

For the most people around the country, internet connections are generally a commodity provided by one of a small number of large companies specializing in telecommunications. In many cases the broadband connections provided are very expensive, despite the fact that networks may be unreliable and slower than necessary. While many communities attempt to fight back against these disappointing services, internet service providers are trying just as hard to keep their business intact.

According to Attorney James Baller of the Baller Herbst Law Group, as many as 20 states have already placed restrictions on public internet services. While some of these restrictions have been in place for many years, others are recent developments following a US Supreme Court decision allowing states to limit telecommunications services provided by municipalities.

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