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Is Google Fiber Coming Soon to a City Near You? 

Super high-speed internet services like Google Fiber could mean the end of slow downloads and endlessly buffering YouTube videos. Until recently, gigabit internet services have been limited, but Google’s latest plans to expand services to another 34 cities could turn it all around.

This week, Google announced that it is in talks with a total of 34 cities about a possible expansion of its high-speed fiber optic internet service. So far, Google Fiber is only available in three cities throughout the United States: Austin, Texas; Kansas City, Missouri; and Provo, Utah. Of the three cities currently involved in Fiber’s expansion only Kansas City actually offers connections currently, while the others are still waiting for the service to be launched later this year.

In order to prepare for the possibility of Google’s fiber optic infrastructure being installed sometime in the near future, participating cities have been given a thorough checklist by the tech giant. Although many cities have been approached, it is not clear yet which will ultimately be selected by Google, and when they will eventually receive Fiber internet connections.

Shortlisted cities include: Atlanta, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; San Antonio, Texas; and Portland, Oregon.

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