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Li-Fi Internet Technology Transmits Data at the Mobile World Congress 

At the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, a new technology is dazzling technology analysts and investors thanks to a new way to transmit data across a space. Li-Fi is an incredible new technology capable of providing internet connections using nothing more than a simple light fixture on the ceiling of a room.

The Li-Fi receiver taking the Mobile World Congress by storm is produced by Pure Li-Fi, and capable of transmitting data across a room using normal beams of light. The ‘Li-Flame’ prototype received data from the internet via a normal Ethernet cable, but uses new technology to literally beam the data across a room to another receiver connected to a smart device. The simple LED bulb used to transmit data flickers millions of times per second, completely undetectable to the human eye, but able to beam a signal to receivers within its line of sight.

Of course there are downsides to Li-Fi internet just like there are to everything else. While the idea of having an internet connection beamed directly through light sources would take care of the spectrum crunch problem, it would also need serious changes in infrastructure. One limitation to Li-Fi connections is that they require a direct line-of-sight in order to be able to transmit data continuously.

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