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LiFi Internet Could Be Ten times Faster than Wi-Fi 

One of the most intriguing new technologies showcased at CES 2014 in Las Vegas was undoubtedly LiFi- the data transfer method which could completely revolutionize the way we use the internet.

Instead of transmitting data via radio waves, as Wi-Fi does, LiFi relies on light to communicate data across a network. At Las Vegas’ CES event, French company Oledcomm was one of the first to demonstrate exactly what LiFi was already capable of, transferring data in mere fractions of a second. The company even debuted a smartphone with a prototype LiFi sensor installed instead of its front-facing camera.

The idea behind LiFi is that any LED lighting device, from your bedside lamp, to a street light, could become capable of providing an internet connection. With LiFi’s capability to transfer data within a few nanoseconds, it could easily be much faster than any Wi-Fi currently available to consumers. Indeed, even in its current developmental state, LiFi is fast enough to rival fiber-optic internet connections such as Google Fiber, with speeds of around 1 GB per second.

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