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Loon Balloons to Stay Afloat for 100 Days 

Crazy as Project Loon might sound, Google is building its internet-providing balloons to stay up in the air for a good long time. The balloons will be able to deliver Wi-Fi connections from the stratosphere for up to 100 days at a time, completing around 3 full rotations around the earth.

In a video released to explain the current design process for Project Loon, Google’s balloon manufacturing manager, Pam Desrochers, explained why 100 days is the right timeframe, “100 days is long enough so that we get a good life out of it, but not so long that we have outmoded technology in the air.”

To achieve the dream of delivering Wi-Fi internet to the whole world, the balloons have to be exceptionally hardy creations. On their mission to circumnavigate the world, doling out Wi-Fi to all, the Project Loon balloons will be subject to extreme temperatures, ultraviolet radiation and inclement weather on a daily basis. Whilst the first models tested were made out of a polyethylene film, it seems that Google are still unsure about what the final product will be made of.

It seems that Project Loon’s mission to provide internet to the masses is still a while from being realised, with no specified date given yet for the launch of Loon’s global Wi-Fi network.