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McAfee’s Internet Connection Speedometer 

McAfee is said to be one of the biggest developers of proactive secure systems from known and unknown system threats. It also provides the secure systems for the operating systems world wide, home users and for businesses. McAfee has developed a tool with which we can measure the speed / bandwidth. The speed can be measured for various connections irrespective of the speed of the connection we are using, the connection types can be like the Dial-up connections, ISDN or DSL connection. McAfee uses its speedometer to check the connectivity speed irrespective of the device or the technology we use to browse the internet.

There are many internet connections that vary from computer to computer and this variation depends on many factors that combine to generate the internet speed. McAfee uses a double testing strategy to check the connection speed. In this the speedometer will perform one or two tests on the client system to generate the actual report. Initially it will send the 150 KB file to the system and then it goes with the 600 KB, 1.5MB or 3MB files to check the throughput of the client system based on the file download and the upload time. Based on the time taken to download the file from server to the system the McAfee speedometer does a second test to calculate the accurate throughput value.

During test phase, McAfee’s internet connection speedometer provides the user with a snapshot of the test results. Such results may vary based on various factors. However, one can run the test and check results several times to determine accurate values of the internet speed. McAfee’s utility comes handy while surfing the internet to perform a speed test. This test is simply performed by just opening a new site or downloading a web page and users should not be bothered about the unnecessary files for using up the system resources as there is no impact of the unnecessary files on the system performance.

McAfee’s tool is indeed free and will help users check the throughput value of the internet speed. Resulting figures will help in making decisions such as whether to upgrade the package to a faster connection, change the service provider or check if there are any problems on own computer.

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4 Responses to McAfee’s Internet Connection Speedometer

  1. Craig

    I like the way you introduced McAffee speedometer by telling something about the developer itself. It makes us appreciate the software more. I say this is one of the best tool McAffee has developed in relation to improving PC performance.

  2. Jim Michaels

    This tells me 12.35Mbps/3.57Mbps yet over Filezilla FTP with 4 simultaneous threads, (no matter how many threads) I get 500KBps (4000Kbps) per thread.

    I am thinking mcafee has a throttle on the connections or it can’t handle connections speeds past a certain amount. strange, when I had 22Mbps internet instead of 12Mbps internet, sometimes I got 1Mbps threads (connections). I can’t quite explain this.

    I am using wireless N 2-antenna to connect my desktop.

    I wonder if another antivirus does much better. I am getting tired of this.

    I know mcafee becomes a proxy, and when I remove mcafee, my internet speed takes off when I have 22Mbps.

  3. Jonayed

    thank you create for this great internet speed test software.


  4. syed mujahed

    awesome speed testing tool 🙂

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