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Meet the world’s first internet-controlled oven 

If you’ve ever worried about a late lunch because you haven’t made it home from the supermarket yet, fear not! The Dacor Discovery iQ is here to remedy just that. The Disovery iQ is a “smart oven” which allows you to control it from your phone, and even functions as a completely capable Android tablet. It uses smartphoneesque software to communicate with your device. Wherever you are in the world – and as long as you’re connected to the internet – you can control the temperature of your oven, turn it on and off, and receive notifications about your meal. The oven can even determine whether your meal is ready or not without you having to stand guard over it. Unfortunately the price tag is enough to dampen anyone’s enthusiasm – at $12,000, the Discovery iQ isn’t exactly a bargain buy. Smart oven, yes – affordable, not really!