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Mobile App zAnti Could Bring More Security to Wi-Fi Users 

Most people are aware by now that accessing public Wi-Fi networks can be hazardous; insecure networks can often be used by hackers to target unsuspecting users. Even though the security risks of an unsecured network are widely known, many people take this risk anyway. Zimperium’s new mobile app, zAnti, aims at giving normal users a way to fight back against hackers on public Wi-Fi networks.

zAnti can help Wi-Fi users protect themselves from dangerous ‘man in the middle’ attacks, which can allow hackers to spy on network activity by masquerading as a trusted fellow user. Hackers can easily take advantage of open, unsecured networks without other Wi-Fi users even realizing there is anything wrong. Instead of being victim to such attacks, zAnti can allow users to test their Wi-Fi networks for any possible security vulnerabilities.

Zimperium announced today that it has been able to raise $8 million from Sierre Ventures in order to develop further technology to keep mobile data users secure from hackers. Also in the works is a  tool which will allow network administrators to monitor all connected devices for suspicious activity.

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