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Mobile Data Consumption Rises by 80% in One Year 

In the past year, mobile data usage has skyrocketed as we all became more attached to our smartphones than ever before. In fact, according to data gathered by Ericcson, there has been an 80% rise in mobile data usage within the last 12 months.

Although the use of Voice calls over mobile has certainly risen within the past few years, the increase has been nowhere near as explosive as it has with data. If you were to look even five years into the past, you would be able to see that mobile data figures were practically nothing, still trailing behind voice usage according to Ericcson’s figures.

Mobile data use has been on a sharp rise for a number of years as the amount of smartphone users has increased around the world. In 2011, smartphones and mobile data was already quite commonplace, but there was a 260% rise in mobile data consumption between 2011 and 2013 according to Ericcson and Akamai. This figure is only likely to rise as more people begin connecting to the internet via their smart devices.

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