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Mobile Data Revenue to Soar to $100 Billion this Year 

Mobile internet is continuing to pick up speed around the world, and data use is growing steadily along with it. This year, mobile data revenue is expected to rake in over $100 billion in the United States alone, breaking records for data spending.

According to a report by leading industry analyst Chetan Sharma, US data revenue will rise above $100 billion this year, marking a world first. China and Japan are expected to be the next two markets to break this incredible barrier.

In 2013, the United States earned a total of $90 billion in mobile data revenue as more people moved from traditional desktop computers to tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices. Taking into consideration the fact that mobile data was an almost negligible market only a few short years ago, this is truly an amazing rise.

As telecommunications companies scramble to recruit more customers, Chetan Sharma also expected that data prices will soon be driven down thanks to competition.

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