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New Bills Could Restore Net Neutrality 

Newly-introduced legislative bills in the US Senate and House of Representatives could potentially restore the Net neutrality rules until the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) issues an updated set of regulations.

The two bills were introduced by the Democrats on Monday in response to the ongoing debate over the legality of Net neutrality. Only a few short weeks ago, a federal appeals court threw out the FCC’s rules regarding Net neutrality, which were supposed to act as a way to protect websites from being blocked or discriminated against by broadband providers. The rules, which were first adopted in 2010, were thrown out on a legal technicality after being challenged by Verizon.

With the two new bills in place, internet users as well as online services and websites would be offered temporary protection until the FCC’s new rules could come into effect.  While the bills are likely to face some resistance in both legislative chambers, it is hoped that restoring the FCC’s power temporarily will ensure that consumers have free and unbiased access to online content and applications.

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