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No plans for Google Fiber in New York City 

Google has had to come out and deny that a recent Fiber-related job posting based in New York City meant the service would be introduced there too. “Don’t read into the job listing,” a Google spokesperson said. “We’ve had a full team of folks working on Fiber in the New York office (and other locations around the world) for years. We don’t currently have any plans to bring Google Fiber to New York.” ┬áThe statement reiterated Google’s choice of locations, including Kansas City and Austin as well as another 32 locations. ┬áThe closest locations to NYC that are earmarked to receive Fiber are Raleigh-Durham in North Carolina and Atlanta, Georgia. Google’s prime focus is based on underserved areas, whereas NYC already has fiber in the form of Verizon FiOS. Google is said to be considering bring Fiber to Mountain view, where it itself is based. Whatever the case, there are still millions of Americans across the U.S. without broadband, so Google has its work cut out for it.

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