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Share Your Wi-Fi and Get More Data with Karma 

When it comes to roaming Wi-Fi, Karma is a connection with a bit of a difference. This pay-as-you-go hotspot fits in your pocket for roaming connectivity, but with Karma, sharing your connection with friends or family actually racks up extra free data for you.

If you connect a friend to your Karma Wi-Fi hotspot, their use doesn’t eat away at your data, in fact you will even receive an extra 100 MB data for each person you sign in. Users can also choose from data packages which don’t expire, allowing them to carry data forward even if they don’t use their connection for a while.

Although Karma has been available in limited locations around the US since early in 2013, the company has recently been expanded into the Sprint 4G LTE network. What this means for fans of Karma’s roaming Wi-Fi is that there are now and extra 230 cities around the country where your connection is available.

Karma hotspots can be purchased with a bundled 1GB data for $99, with 7GB for $149, or with 20GB for $279, and users can carry this data forward for as long as they need. So far the company has over 50,000 connected users and has provided over 10,000 GB worth of free data.

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