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Slow Broadband Speeds Can’t Cope with Next Generation Consoles 

Early adopters of next generation consoles have had a rude awakening around the world due to slow broadband speeds taking a serious toll on game download times. With the recent release of the PS4 and Xbox One, broadband speeds have been put to the test around the world thanks to huge game downloads.

According to a survey led by Virgin Media in the UK, it seems like a significant chunk of gamers hugely overestimated the speed at which their home broadband connections worked. Downloadable games available on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms come as huge, data-heavy files which may be as big as 50 GB each even without updates. Whilst the ability to directly download games is certainly a huge step forward for the gaming industry, it isn’t doing much to help broadband connections.

Virgin Media’s UK survey found that 78% of UK gamers estimated that a 50 GB game download should be completed within 5 hours on their home broadband connection. A further 42% of these gamers even thought that their download could be complete within 2 hours. The truth of that matter is that due to lagging broadband speeds, the average download time would be closer to 7.5 hours in the UK. In truth, only users with a 60 Mb download speed could hope to download a game in 2 hours.

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