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Small Canadian Town Creates its Own Gigabit Internet Service 

While some of us in big cities still can’t get access to a reliable and fast internet connection, the residents of a small town in Alberta, Canada, have gone ahead and created their own gigabit service.

You’d be forgiven for admitting that you’ve never heard of the town of Olds in Alberta. The rural community comprises of just 8,500 residents, all of which will soon be able to benefit from an impressive gigabit internet service for just $57 per month. By contrast, gigabit internet from providers like Google Fiber usually starts at around $70 for a month of service.

A community-owned internet service provider called O-Net is responsible for running the fiber-optic network running through the town. On Thursday, O-Net’s board gave the go ahead for the town’s residents access to the 1GB/s connection for the same price they currently pay to connect to the internet.

Currently, the average Canadian internet connection clocks in at a far less impressive download speed of 16.6MB/s according to Ookla.

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