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South Africa Suffers from Priciest Broadband in the World 

According to the latest figures by internet surveyors Ookla, South Africans have to deal with the highest average price for broadband in comparison to fellow internet users around the world. The country topped the list of 64 nations surveyed by Ookla via speed test rankings and local carrier information.

Ookla were able to reach their pricey conclusions by recording average internet speeds tested from around the world and comparing the cost of internet packages and data bundles in corresponding localities. It was found that South African internet users paid a whopping $30.72 per Mbps for their internet connections. Keeping in mind that the global average cost for internet is around $6.95 per Mbps, this is an absolutely astonishing leap in price.

In sharp contrast to the huge prices paid by South African internet users, connections in Eastern Europe made up the bottom part of the list. In Bulgaria, internet connections were recorded to cost as little as $0.51 per Mbps, followed by Romania at $0.59, and Lithuania at $0.83. The United States landed somewhere in the middle of the pack, ranking number 31 on the list, with an average internet cost of $3.78 per Mbps, a reasonable price in comparison to South Africa’s crippling fees.

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