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Study Finds That Kids Can Disable Internet Filters 

A nasty shock for concerned parents everywhere: a new survey in the UK has found out that a significant portion of kids aged 12-15 years old can disable or work around internet safety filters and parental locks.

Considering the tech-savvy nature of the younger generation, perhaps the fact that kids are able digitally out-fox their parents doesn’t come as a surprise to everyone. The report by telecoms watchdog Ofcom also found that 63% of parents with kids aged 12-15 feel that their children know a lot more about technology than they do.

Of the children surveyed by Ofcom, 18% of 12-15-year-olds revealed that they knew how to disable the internet filters their parents used on their computers. Responding to the report, British Culture Secretary Maria Miller stated that parents had a responsibility to play a more central role in keeping their children safe online, and that filters were not a “silver bullet” solution to online safety.

The survey comes hot on the heels of the controversial introduction of internet filters across all UK networks. The filtering initiative was introduced by the British Government, however it has suffered from serious setbacks since its implementation.

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