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Submerged Wi-Fi Network to Create ‘Deep Sea Internet’ 

A team of researchers from the University of Buffalo, New York, is experimenting with Wi-Fi internet capable of transmitting through the water via sound waves. If they are successful, the underwater internet could mean more accurate broadcasts of sea conditions and tsunami warnings.

Typically, Wi-Fi internet transmits data across radio waves, which is a perfectly stable method on dry land, but highly unreliable and limited under water. When developing the new underwater internet technology, it was decided that sound waves were the most efficient way of transmitting data, in much the same way that aquatic animals such as whale and dolphins use to communicate.

Since previous aquatic internet connections have been unreliable at best, this deep sea Wi-Fi could offer invaluable information which could be shared quickly and across multiple platforms. Lead researcher Tommaso Melodia said that the ability of a submerged Wi-Fi network to gather data in real time would be unprecedented and could help to save the lives of people in danger of tsunamis and other natural disasters.

A preliminary test carried out at Lake Erie allowed the team to place two sensors into the water and remotely access them via their Wi-Fi link and a laptop.

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