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T-Mobile Offers Free Facebook Connection to Prepaid Users 

Facebook is absolutely everywhere these days, with well over 1 billion active users taking advantage of the social media site, and with the rise of internet-enabled mobile devices, it’s become even easier to stay connected at all times. Whilst checking Facebook can be difficult for people who don’t have a data plan on their phone, T-Mobile seems to have a solution at hand.

Phone carrier T-Mobile has a great feature in store for its prepaid users who may not be able to access the internet enough with their minimal data plans. Facebook users can access their social media accounts free of charge with T-Mobile’s new GoSmart plan, which is available to any off-contract phone. GoSmart users won’t get an internet connection for free, but they will be able to access Facebook through a free 2G connection.

Whilst 2G isn’t fast enough to watch videos, it should do the trick for users looking for status updates, or even for Facebook Messenger conversations. The free Facebook access will launch in January for all GoSmart users, who pay just $25 a month for their unlimited talk access.

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