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UK’s EE LTE Network to Be Live in 29 New Locations by Christmas 

In the UK, EE was the only network capable of providing LTE connections to its users for a long time, now that other carriers have started to catch up, the network will be expanding to almost 30 locations before Christmas.

EE customers languishing in holiday boredom hell can escape arguments over the Christmas dinner table by logging on to the network’s improved internet service. With the addition of these 29 new towns across the UK, EE’s LTE internet connection coverage will officially be up and running in a total of 160 locations.

The list of new locations is certainly a long one, including Cambridge, Brighton and Bath who have all just gone live and locations such as Durham, Exeter, Plymouth and Swansea which will all be connected by Christmas. EE customers can benefit from an average download speed of 24 to 30 Mbps when they connect to the internet, with peek speeds rising to a grand total of 150 Mbps.

Reportedly, EE has plans to be able to offer 4G LTE connections to 98% of the British population by the end of 2014. The network launched its service months ahead of competitors thanks to its ownership of a reusable chunk of the broadband spectrum which others did not have access too. Its rollout in October 2012 saw one million new customers sign up for the connectivity service.

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