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What You Want to See on your Internet Speed Test 

Everyone wants to know that they’ve got the internet speeds that their carrier promises them, but internet speed tests can sometimes be a little on the confusing side for the uninitiated. If you’re using the speed test over a, you might want a little more information on what all the numbers mean.

When it comes to any internet speed test available, there are certain rules which always apply when you’re reading your results. After you click the Begin Test button in the middle of the page, the first number you’ll see on the bottom left of the test screen is your Ping result. Ping isn’t always well understood when it comes to speed tests, but it measures the responsiveness between your computer and the network it is interacting with. You want your Ping number to be as low as possible on any internet speed test your run.

The next speed measured is your download speed. As you can imagine, this is the speed at which data from the internet can be transferred to your computer via your internet connection. Keep in mind that traffic on the network at the time may cause your speed to fluctuate somewhat.

Finally, the last result you will receive is your upload speed. In many cases your download speed will be significantly faster than your upload speed, so don’t worry if this number seems low to you. Uploads are only used when you are transferring data from your computer to the internet, so a slow speed should only have a negative affect if you upload a lot of big files to the internet, such as upload videos to YouTube.

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