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Why Your Computer Is Not Working At Its Best 

Many people often complain about the poor performance of their personal computers. There are several hardware and software issues that can influence the performance of any computer. The fans play important roles in cooling and maintaining the vital components on the motherboard. You may need to change your fans for the power supply, CPU and motherboard to optimize cooling and prevent overheating.

Sometimes, your motherboard can become clogged with dust. You may want to regularly open up the computer tower and physically clean outany dirt and debris that may prevent proper ventilation and cooling of the vital electronic components on the motherboard.

Some software issues can certainly influence the performance of your computer. Many older computers perform unnecessary tasks that take up a lot of RAM memory. Such usage of running different programs in the background can slow down the computer from loading programs that you are actually using in real time. You might also want to upgrade your RAM to increase the speed and performance of a computer. You can add several Gigabytes of RAM memory if your computer’s motherboard has slots for adding additional modules. However, changing a microprocessor is not practical or cost effective in computers.The information doesn’t stop now

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