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Winter Olympics Host City Sets Up Massive 54Tbps Network 

The Russian coastal city of Sochi is busily preparing to host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in February; along with a sprawling brand new Olympic park, the city is also investing in a massive new internet network capable of dealing with the coming influx of athletes and spectators.

California-based telecommunications company Avaya is responsible for creating the new network in Sochi, which will be capable of dealing with a whopping 54Tbps. This incredible connection capability means that the network will be able to provide Wi-Fi internet to up to 120,000 users at once without any issues or interruptions. With 30,000 athletes, IOC officials, media representatives, volunteer staff and administrators- not to mention the thousands of excited Olympic spectators- the network will certainly be put to the test before too long.

Along with upgrading their internet connection, Sochi is also giving its power grid, transport system, and sewage treatment facilities. According to Dean Frohwrek, chief network architect for Avaya, the network system is being built from the ground up as there was very little modern IT infrastructure in place at all. Luckily, with current upgrades going on, the network should be prepared for internet-hungry spectators with multiple wireless devices.

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