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Does your broadband internet connection give you value for money? If you have an internet connection at your home or office, you should check the download and upload rates frequently. That will keep you informed about the state of your connection. After all, if you see that your download speed is looking good on one day and abysmally slow on the following day, then it is obvious that something is wrong with your broadband connection service. If you ever witness a drastic change like that, make sure you call the help desk of your connection provider immediately.

Measuring download and upload speed does not require any software to be installed in your PC. It is simply a matter of transferring a small, non-executable data file from the test server to your PC, and then moving the file back to the server from your PC. That’s all that is needed to be done. One of the safest websites to test your broadband download speed is here at testinternetspeed.org.

All you need to do is click on the button named “Begin Test”. The tool will start testing your download speed first. Check out the cool animation while you wait for the results. Once it has finished the test for download speed, it will present the result to you and start carrying out the test for upload speed. Once that test is over, it will present the results to you within the Flash-based tool itself.

This internet speed test tool does not ask you to install anything on your PC, and runs from the server itself. It is clean, safe, and fast enough to get you through the test without stifling a yawn of boredom. Our speed test will show you your download and upload internet speed results. Try it out today. You won’t be disappointed.


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