30% of Web Traffic Comes from a Company You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

If you enjoy streaming videos, fast downloads and shorter loading times, you might want to spare a thought to the company which made all of this possible. You may have never heard of Akamai, but this $10 billion company is very likely the reason that you get to enjoy a faster internet connection than you did ten years ago.

Akamai is a Massachusetts-based company responsible for a sizable chunk of the whole world’s internet traffic and connection speed. Operating under the banner of the world’s largest content delivery network, Akamai handles around 30% of all internet traffic through an impossibly large army of servers and computer engineers. Although there are now a large number of these content delivery networks around the work, Akamai still manages to dominate the market thanks to a few key customers like Apple, Hulu, the White House and the BBC.

Content delivery networks are so important to the internet today because they are able to speed up the transmission of data such as video and audio streams. With a greater demand for these services than ever, Akamai and its fellow networks have been in high demand lately amongst internet service providers seeking to beef up their connection speeds.

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