4 in 5 Travelers Fear Unsecured Wi-Fi Connections

As the holiday travel season draws closer, a new survey by AnchorFree has revealed that a growing number of travellers are concerned about the security of public Wi-Fi connections when they’re on the move. According to the survey, whilst people are worried about these connections, they are also failing to take proper steps to protect themselves from hackers and cybercriminals who take advantage of unsecured Wi-Fi.

The survey also revealed that travellers were mostly likely to connect to unsecured Wi-Fi using a smartphone or tablet device. The rise of mobile devices seems to have led to a huge increase in Wi-Fi risks in connections around the world, in fact it has been estimated that as many at 89% of Wi-Fi hotspots are not secured.

In these times of quickly-advancing connection technology, users may not realize that they may be sharing vulnerable information with unreliable sources when they access public Wi-Fi. Survey results revealed that a staggering 84% of travellers do not take any precautions to protect themselves when connecting to these unknown networks.

Personal security and identity theft expert, Robert Siciliano, made a strong statement on the state of personal security; “Consumers underestimate their exposure to risks when connecting to public Wi-Fi. (…) Consumers should be aware that there are many levels to protecting personal data online.”

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