Airfy to Give Free Wi-Fi in Exchange for Watching Ads

A German company has unveiled an innovative new product which may be able to provide Wi-Fi to users in public for a relatively unobtrusive fee. Dubbed Airfly, the project isn’t exactly free but instead proposes a compromise of a Wi-Fi connection in exchange for some advertising time.

The Airfy Wi-Fi router will be available for installation in shops, restaurants, offices and other public areas and will be able to give visitors or customers open internet access after they watch a 10-second advertisement. Airfy’s eponymous manufacturer has said that the router is intended to do away with the complex log-in systems, unreasonable costs and unsecured connection which plague public Wi-Fi networks across the world.

To give Airfy and extra edge in the security department, all data transmissions between connected devices and network routers will also be encrypted using WPA2. Users will receive a unique security password when they have access to the network after watching the prescribed ads, and this password will also be viable for use on other Airfy routers they might encounter. The router makes use of 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity and will also connect to an app that can allow router operators to accept payments made from user’s smartphones.

The Airfy is not currently ready for consumer release, but manufacturers have launched a crowdfunding campaign to be able to develop the project further.

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