Apple Launches iBeacon In-Store

Apple’s iBeacon technology has now been activated across its 254 US-wide stores, giving shoppers real-time information on their iDevices as they look around the store. The location-sensing technology can be used to transmit details about products, events and offers. According to an AP report issued over the weekend, Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in New York has around 20 transmitters installed around the store. “The beacons can be adjusted for specific distances, so you may get some notifications regardless of where you are inside,” reads the report. “Others will come only when you are standing at a particular aisle, wall or product demo table.”

The reaction to iBeacon has been underwhelming, it seems. According to Forbes, it has a lot of potential that has been ignored. With messages limited to encouraging product reviews or promoting the latest iPhones, users are hardly going to be drawn to the messages more than find them tremendously annoying. There is a lot of ground to cover before iBeacon becomes a veritable part of the Apple Store experience.

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