AT&T Offer $5 per day Internet for Tablets

Mobile internet users now have access to data on a short-term basis with AT&T, who will allow tablet users to purchase daily connection bundles starting from $5 a day.

AT&T users will have access to 250 MB of data for 24 hours on the $5 cellular plan, allowing them to access the internet on their mobile devices as they wish. With internet hotspots in airports and hotels charging high rates around the country, this plan could be an excellent option for frequent travelers, or simply for those who find themselves in need of the data for a short period of time.

Also on offer from AT&T is a plan which will grant users 1 GB of mobile data for $25 dollars over a period of three months. Both offers are compatible with 3G and LTE tablets, and will be available for purchase online directly through mobile devices.

Currently, many tablet manufacturers create mobile devices which are capable of connecting to the internet either via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. AT&T vice president Chris Penrose spoke at GigaOm’s Mobilize conference to express the network’s belief that the next step forward for mobile devices is to be compatible with both internet connection options.

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