Austin’s Gigabit Internet Race Speeds Up

As one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in America, Austin is set to be the site for one of the most competitive gigabit internet races in the country, with interest coming from major providers such as Google and AT&T, along with local new-comer Grande.

Soon after Google announced that Kansas would be the first city in the country to receive its lightning-fast gigabit internet service, service provider AT&T also announced that it would be releasing a similar service during 2014. While both AT&T’s GigaPower and Google’s Fiber are on their way to beginning service later this year, neither of them will be the first gigabit internet provider available in the growing city.

Lucky Austinites will get the chance to connect to a super-fast internet connection sooner than expected now that a Texas-based company called Grande has announced its plans to introduce the service this week. In order to one-up the much larger companies, Grande will be offering its gigabit internet service for $65, which is $5 cheaper than AT&T’s rate. The service will also be available months before Fiber or GigaPower are able to provide any connection at all to internet-hungry Austinites.

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