Better Wi-Fi for Busy Buildings

Trying to get a reliable Wi-Fi connection in a busy building can be very frustrating, but researchers from Stanford University may just have found a solution that will help you stay collected in a crowded area. The new technology by Stanford researchers may be able to allow everyone in a building to share the same network connectivity.

Typically, in a building with multiple signals and routers, it is very common for signals to begin interfering with each other, causing poor connectivity and a fair amount of frustration. However, the new technology currently under development in Stanford would instead create one single, dense Wi-Fi network. This larger wireless infrastructure would be available to everyone inside a crowded building, but each individual would be able to manage their own network privately, just like they would with a normal connection.

The new system has been christened BeHop by researchers, who state that the networks will all be capable of supporting their own separate security systems, passwords and personal settings while simultaneously forming part of the larger Wi-Fi infrastructure.

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