BitTorrent Building Secure Chat Product

Internet security has become one of the fastest growing concerns of users around the world; with privacy more important to the average internet user than ever, there is a huge call for anonymous communication tools. According to a blog entry published this week, BitTorrent is attempting to fill part of demand with a secure chat platform.

The first time the idea of a secure chat program was mentioned by BitTorrent was in September of this year, and this is the first update we’ve heard on the project since. Though somewhat scant on actual specifications, BitTorrent’s blog post has revealed more details about plans for the chat program, which will feature a server-free, decentralized approach which will allow users to chat securely over the internet.

One of the features mentioned for the chat program is that there will be no user names. The typical user name interface seen in every internet chat room will be replaced by something called public-key cryptography, which will allow people to keep in touch with each other. Although it sounds very technical, BitTorrent confirmed to website that there would be simpler techniques to access a program supported for less technical users.

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