Bloomberg Reveals Wi-Fi Plans for Harlem

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has revealed himself in the past to be a strong supporter for the spread of free internet connectivity and technology, helping the spread of Wi-Fi around the Big Apple. The city’s latest project, announced this week, will see the rollout of the country’s largest free public Wi-Fi network centered in Harlem.

The planned Harlem network, when it is completed in May 2014, will span across a total of 95 city blocks, spreading from 110th to 138th Streets between Fredrick Douglass Boulevard and Madison Avenues. The free internet network is expected to provide connectivity to the 80,000 Harlem residents, as well as local businesses and visitors. With a total of 13,000 people in the Harlem area living in public housing, the free connectivity will allow many people access to news, educational tools, creative communities, and so many other resources which may otherwise have been lost to them.

The free Wi-Fi network will receive its funding through the Fuhrman Family Foundation, thanks to a donation which will makes the internet accessible to devices in all outdoor locations within the zone. The roll out of this Wi-Fi network is expected to occur in three phases starting with the blocks between 110th and 120th street.

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